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Goodbye Old, Hello New

When I first started this business venture, the entire concept was slightly mind blowing.  Mistakes were made, niche’s were changed and success was eventually evident.  I have had zero complaints, up until recently…Etsy has been my bread and butter.  I have had more success and growth through the Etsy platform, than I could have ever asked for.  I refuse to use the term “blessed” because I worked my ass off for every dollar, every customer, every sale, and every stat.  So, why now?  Why remove the focus from Etsy to my own .com???

I feel as if, as a whole, Etsy has failed most makers.  It saddens me because I wouldn’t be here without them, but the day that Etsy stopped listening to its people, which would be everyone who sells on Etsy, I knew it was time for me to slowly start backing away and putting my focus on “me” and what “I” can do for “my” business….not, what can Etsy do for my business.

NO MORE!  Good bye to the old Etsy sales, and Hello to the new platform and the focus on me having all the control.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I will ever completely ditch Etsy, but they will NOT be my sole source of income ANYMORE!  This is a scary step, but it is time and I am EXCITED!

“Courage is being scared to death-and saddling up anyway.”  -John Wayne